Invite to a meal cooked on the fire in Yucatan, Mexico.  


Nela lives on the beach in Dzilam Bravo, Yucatan, Mexico.  She has a ranch not far from her home with a beautiful cenote where the closest town is about 20 kilometres away. Right in the deep woods.  She keeps bee hives and collects wonderful honey. The place is great for birdwatching.


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Visit Greka in Athens, Greece for a "speciality dish"


Greka is a professional cook, and is able to prepare for you a dish upon your request!  Her specialty is traditional greek cuisine.

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Japan, Nagoya -  Join Aki for a meal and beat of a drum!


I can offer a tea ceremony experience after Japanese dish, I can take guest to watch Japanese drum performance, if my guest showed an interested in seeing a little Japanese culture.

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Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

We are happy young family with 4 children. We will cook for you something very Russian. You will definitely enjoy it!

Maggie invites you to the incredibly fun city of Kampala!

Join Maggie for a chicken stew, Tilapia a nice mix of local ingredients prepared in a continental way.

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Rick is not able to cook but will take you to very good restaurants in Westerville, U.S.A. 



I work in a major hospital (The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) in Acute Inpatient Rehab as a Rehab Therapist. I love the variety of people we are able to assist with their hospital stay and would love to carry on in a social capacity as well. 

There are many fine restaurants in the Columbus, Ohio area, depending on your tastes, I can find a good one for most any dining style.

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Catering for gluten free diets and vegetarians in Wales.

Freya says "We make sweets all day every day so are good at making puddings in our house."  They also make good solid british meals.  Roasts, fish n chips Freya loves travelling and meeting new people.  "Our home is always open to folks who happen to be passing through and fancy a meal with us"

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Kasia from Fort Lauderdale.  U.S.A.

Kasia is offering an evening meal she says....."I am a gourmet cook that takes pride in not only the ingredients that I use, but also the presentation of the meal I serve."

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Enjoy a home cooked meal in Roeselare, Belgium.

Nele would make some typical Belgian dishes for her guests and she would like to have a nice evening with people from another country while enjoying some tasty food.  She says "Doesn't happen so often to have "foreign" guests at my home, and it seems like a very nice idea."

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Enjoy a brunch followed by champagne in Washington D.C. U.S.A.


"Sahara and Zander" are partial to Mexican dishes but love a good pasta.  Their speciality is brunch foods, eggs and potatoes and champagne all around!  They are into checking out local food joints and food shopping.  They cook with an emphasis on Mexican inspired recipes

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Friends to dinner in Sao Paulo Brazil.


I'm  not a Chef, but I love cooking. We (me and my wife) love to have friends for dinner at our place. I will cook a typical brazilian meal and we will have the chance to talk about brazilian culture.  

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Waiting for his first guest.  "Swiss Cyclist" from Lenzburg, near Zurich, Switzerland.


Offering to Cook a vegetarian evening meal consisting of fried bumkin slices with basmati with lots of vegetables some grown in his own organic garden.  Don't disappoint him, apply to be his first guest.

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A Bird Watcher's Paradise.  Visit Ola in Suwalki, Poland.


I cook only vegetarian and vegan food. I eat and cook healthy, and grow my own food. I like gardening, I grow a lot of vegetables, herbs and fruits. I do my own jams, herbal teas, liquors, syrups etc.

Places of interest in my area.

We are close to Wigierski National Park, Suwalski Landscape Park, Augustow Primeval Forest and our farm is on the edge of the Beaver Nature Reserve Forest. A bird watching paradise, place for nature lovers and outdoor activities /canoe, bike, walk .

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Spreading kindness through cooking in Sweden.

Wendywu says " I live an hour from Gothenburg. Love cooking. Happy to meet new people and spread some kindness by cooking."

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 Giusso says "ciao to everybody!!  Come to Rome!!"

Giusso's specialities are Carbonara, Amatriciana pasta, risotto with gorgonzola, also if you have time he would love to teach you how to make handmade pasta as his grandmother used to do ;)  Fettucine with Bolognese sauce or Gnocchi alla sorrentina (tomatoes, basil, mozzarella) &Tirami.  
Giusso's first Guest.
Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Tiramis├╣ with Sheren from Australia! Thank you for coming! It was great to have you for lunch!  


Meet Teo from Medellin, Colombia, waiting to welcome visitors to his country.  


                                  Teo's profile picture bounds with energy and enthusiasm he speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.  If you are visiting Colombia you would have a lot of fun with him and his friends.

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Mumbai welcomes Eat with a Local.


If you are visiting Mumbai check out eat with a local host chits he is a student and looks forward to welcoming travellers to his City.

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Eat with a local in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our first night in Buenos Aires we arranged to eat with eatwithalocal host 'Tango' he took us to an authentic restaurant where we were treated to a delicious steak.  My brother and I agreed that the steak we ate was the best of the entire holiday!  What a way to start our adventure!

If you are visiting Buenos Aires don't miss out on the most delicious steak in the city.  Here is the link

Eat with a local in Orlando, Florida.

Bettie and Bob were our kind hosts, they invited us to join them for lunch.  They took us over the lake on their punt to an excellent restaurant.  During the meal they recommended we took the children to a water park nearby, we spent an excellent hour or two on the lake and eating tasty food.  Afterwards we did take the children to the water park to end a very special day.


Eat with a local in Liverpool.

Lunch with Dave.  He cooked a local delicious dish called 'Scouse'


Vicki feeding the Dragons on Dragons' Den.

Devastated we did not get investment from the Dragons but we are moving forward at an alarming rate.