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Please join this group if you are a host based in the USA, if you would like to visit the USA and are looking for a host, or if you have just moved to somewhere in the USA and would like to get to know some local people...:-)

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  • Zhaeirnedna
    by Zhaeirnedna 4 months ago
    USA is very beautiful country and the rules of USA country is so strick if anyone try to break then they punished him.USA government always support students and now the resume editing service start in USA just for fresh graduate students.
  • Aararity
    by Aararity 5 years ago
    Tu Tu Tango! (Tech near OC convention ctr).
    Lmk wat u think!
  • Corrie Edmunds
    by Corrie Edmunds 5 years ago
    well, i can tell you some gorgeous places to eat in Orlando Florida.

    Obviously, the Ocean deck - Daytona beach.
    Joe's crab shack, Lake Buena Vista.

    these places are well worth googling before you hit the road!!!
    Two jays - chain, dotted around orlando, but not your average chain!!!
  • Corrie Edmunds
    by Corrie Edmunds 6 years ago
    needs to know good places to eat in orlando, florida.