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Please join this group if you are a host based in France, if you would like to visit France and are looking for a host, or if you have just moved to somewhere in France and would like to get to know some local people...:-)

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  • Sher Bear
    by Sher Bear 3 years ago
    Hi everyone, me and my 2 friends will be traveling through France in July 2014. Would love to meet new people and try great food. We love to try things you normally don't get to experience as a typical tourist. Would love to try local cuisines and local culture!!!
  • Gabriel Ang
    by Gabriel Ang 5 years ago
    Hi all, how's it going? I'll be Paris-ing from 18th to 26th Dec. Hoping to meet up with some people for all sorts of activities... food, drinks, conversation, parachuting off the Effiel... you know... those sorts of things.

    So if you're keen on exploring Paris with a Singaporean guy who lives in Vietnam, give me a buzz! Cheers!
  • Rochelle
    by Rochelle 5 years ago
    Bonjour! I will be traveling to France in March and will begin my journey in Bretagne. I hope to meet with some locals for good food while I am there!
  • ninoo
    by ninoo 5 years ago
    i would like to have a host in france....france is a great place ...very culturally rich:):)
  • Vicki Edmunds
    by Vicki Edmunds 8 years ago
    We visited Segalas in France and found that just up the road a "pig festival" was taking place in Triesurbaise. When we arrived we joined a long queue of people who were paying 13 Euros for a meal.
    We joined the queue which incidentally went on forever, we waited 45 mins to get to the counter that served the food. We gathered our tray of chips, a pork chop, and tart and headed for the tressle tables. I think there must have been at least 300 people sitting down to enjoy the dinner. Red wine and water had been placed on the tables.
    At the end of the meal a man dressed in a pink wig, dress and ladies shoes called out Bingo numbers to the delight of all present. I had to have mine translated and missed half the card!
    I asked the old man next to me how long he had been attending the fair and he said he had been to every one since the war! You can just see him in his flat cap in the right of the photograph I posted. It was a wonderful day out, the meal was followed by dancing, pig racing, an eating contest, I wish we had something similar in Britian.