Italian home made cooking

Italian home made cooking

Traditional food
3rd May 2014 06:00PM
Rome, outside Battistini subway station line A
Owner: Tiziano
This is a public event.


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Forget about the touristic menu you get in town. That is only low quality food for foreigners who do not know the real Italian food. True enough price are affordable for some but wonder where Romans eat…not there, not in those cheap places…

So for those who are food lovers and want to experience the Italian cooking, I give you the chance to understand genuine Italian culture by taking you to a real Italian home and show you what, how, and when locals eat. You can learn how they prepare food, cook pasta, the effort of making a delicious sauce, teach you how to make real espresso coffee, and let you taste Italian wine and liquors.

I can lend you my home for this happening and have 4 places available. My Mum, the best chef, would be pleased to show you some of her cooking tricks. The menu is not fixed as it really depends on what fresh is available on the market and also she likes to cook based on her mood and heart.

However, the dinner would consist in three delicious courses, wine, water, coffee and liquors. All that in Italian style with homemade food (not ready one).

I can come to pick you up outside Battistini line A subway station at 5 pm. Then we reach my place for dinner. After the meal I will take you back to the subway station by car.

Price per person: 35.00 Euro

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